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  • You Down With OPC? Check Out The Ozark Powerboat Club Today

    If you're not "down with OPC" just yet, maybe you should be. Find out more about the new Ozark Powerboat Club and its founder Tony Townsend.

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    I still don't understand what the heck this is. He has sponsors on board like Speed On The Water but it's an "exclusive club not available to everyone" but you can't see who is in it, there's no forum for knowledge sharing, there is 1 item in the classifieds, all the events listed are also available to see for free right here on Midwest Boat Party, and finally my buddy's cig is on the front page and I seriously doubt he knows it.
    Midwest Boat Party seems like a much better community to join. Just sayin.


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      Trying to reinvent something that already exists here, on OSO and dozens of places on FB.


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        OK, here is a guy with an open bow 28 Sunsation saying:

        You Don't Own Just Any Old Powerboat in Lake Ozark, MO

        Show off your speedy watercraft to members of the Lake Ozark area boat club

        When your powerboat zooms by other vessels, your passage makes waves - literally! Hitting top speeds of 100mph+ with ease, your powerboat can lap other watercraft, jump the best wakes and catch the eyes of everyone at LOTO. With that in mind, you would fit in well with the members of the Ozark Powerboat Club.

        Consider this your invitation to our exclusive Lake Ozark area boat club. Although it's free to join, we limit membership to the owners of the fastest, sleekest and most luxurious powerboats in Lake Ozark, MO and the surrounding area.

        Visit the Membership page now to sign up for our free-to-join boat club.

        Not that I have anything against a 28 Sunsation open bow, but it could be 30mph short of the 100mph it takes to be a part of the exclusive club. I tried to join to check it out, but the website sucked.